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LOL, huge fan, I hope u are known all over the world and make other famous people feel jealous! - Eee I think this is epic!!! -Issy - Issy HI - Skylar Hi Olivia Ng, I love you and you're my favourite friend at school - Zoe i hope i win the nentendo switch but good luck to everyone how did it - tahlia Shout out to my amazing parents who have been so supportive, my sister Azalea for always being her kind self, my bets friend Tiffany for always being there and for my cat and dog Jessie and Indie for being so cute!!! - TG reader Zoe-Rose I love your mags tg - Tillie Massive shout-out to Maddy, a really kind and funny friend, also Poppy and Abi, the girls who helped me fit in at my new school, you guys are always there for me!! - Hayley I want to send a shout or at total girls - Drea Love 💗- Charlotte - Charlotte

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