Spring into Spring!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hi peeps,

Jessie-and-friends-reading-in-the-parkThanks so much for updating me on your holidays! You guys got up to so much fun - visits to the zoo, aquarium, Jenolan Caves, and even a huge family trip to China! WOW! 

Okay, so school is back but I am totes not even sad. I think it's because of the Spring air making me super excited for the hot weather and all the days I can spend with my besties in the sunshine. Just the other day, it was such an amazing day, we all went down to the park. We didn't do much but sat and spoke for at least an hour! We told each other what we did over the hols and even giggled over Jo's totally embarrassing story - it involved a skirt and a very, very, very windy day! LOL 

School's given us this OMTG book that we can't stop reading. At first we thought it was going to be a super boring novel that the teacher would make us read but this one is so good we can't get our noses out the spine! Haha! What are you reading? I'm sure I'll be finishing this story in no time and will be so keen to hear what you guys suggest I read next!

Jessie xoxo


  1. 15 Galen 14 Oct
    oh my gosh jessie, reading is like my life!!  Im currently reading "The heroes of Olympus' which is super awesome and i can't get enough of them!! I also love mysteries, fiction, fantasy, and basically anything!!What are some of your favourite books and book types??   Lots of love, Galen xx     P.S. I love reading your blog and all the interesting things you get up to:)
  2. 14 lexi 15 Oct
    OMTG! i am the first to see this AND i read it the DAY you posted it;D Anyways...souds so fun!! School is great and SO is spring! i am reading LOTS and LOTS of books right now, but i will list them!
    1-whatever after series author-? 2-tales of a fourth grade nothing author-Judy Blume 3- I survived...series author-? 4-THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX autor-Katie DiCamallio 5-Horse diaries author-? AND LAST BUT DEFIANTLY NOT LEAST 6-dork diaries author-?
    xoxo, Lexi
  3. 13 rchelle 15 Oct
    i love that"s and i learn
  4. 12 Mohini 19 Oct
    Hi Jessie, I love you! At the moment I am reading How To Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell, so far it is quite funny...Haha :)
  5. 11 Keely 20 Oct
    to kill a mocking bird , The hunger games trilogy by Suzanne Collins and divergent , insurgent and alliegiant by Veronica Roth THESE ARE A MUST READ!!!!!
  6. 10 Nikki 20 Oct
    Love it spending time together with your besties and you look nice in skirts LOL
  7. 9 Milly 20 Oct
    OMTG JESSIE! Sounds like u and your friends had a blast at the park! I have been reading the BEST SERIES EVER (AFTER HARRY POTTER OF COURSE... AM A TOTAL NERD FOR IT! : ))!!!! Its called House Of Secrets, by Chris Columbus and Ned Vininzi! It's so cool! You should check it out!

    Stay cool and wishing u all the best,

    Milly, fellow TG!

  8. 8 littlemissyem 20 Oct
    Love ya Jessie. Can I be ya sister friend Hun? Lol xx 😋
  9. 7 sophia 23 Nov
    that was a great day was it jessie
  10. 6 Hazel 30 Nov
    Sounds like heaps of fun
  11. 5 lisa 03 Dec
    OMTG sounds super fun
  12. 4 jorja 01 Jan
    its the school holidays and i'm really missing school i've got 27 more days till i go to school again i go back the 28th january i'm watching jessie now but it's good luck jessie my fav jessie charecter is jessie

    best wishes jorja
  13. 3 #Unicorn 11 Jan
    That's great!!! In 2014,I had read many different books...
    A French Girl In New York by Anna adams
    its my fave book Ever
    Mockingjay by Suzanne collins
    it was good but kind of confusing
    The Maze Runner by ...dashner

  14. 2 emily 15 Feb
    Hi Jessie can u be my friend your blog is awesome thz love ya xoxo (: #awesome #totalgirls
  15. 1 Charli 17 Nov
    I am reading The Fleurville Trilogy and I am also reading Star and Heaven Is For Real


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