It's the holidaysss!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hi gals!

Jessie-and-her-besties-having-a-sleepoverOMTG it's officially the holidays. There is so much I want to do that the whole time this morning I was constantly running up and down totally undecided about where to start. So mum suggested that I start by making a list. I grabbed my super adorable pink pen with the fluffy ball on top and immediately started scribbling away. On the top of my list was to clean up my's such a mess! And then I got to writing down the best parts - swimming, sleepovers with my besties, watch the new Boxtrolls movie, and of course, grab the awesome new TG mag with 1D on the cover! 

What have you guys got planned for school break? I wanna hear all about it!

Jessie xx


  1. 22 Kasey 25 Sep
    Hey Jessie I planed to have fun with all my beasties Ella,Ivy and lots more and have fun with my cute dog Gemma she is sososos cute 
  2. 21 Georgia 25 Sep
    I HAVE to stay whith my family on the holidays but I'm hoping I can go over to my BFF housei haven't seen her for two years :( 
  3. 20 Alexandra 26 Sep
    I love you Jessie. My sister and I have always read you blog. One day I want a blog just like it
  4. 19 Alyssa 26 Sep
    I went to the royal Melbourne show on Saturday 
  5. 18 montana 27 Sep
    that will be awesome getting a total girl mag and having a sleepover with your friends and swimming in the pool LOL!!!
  6. 17 adrienne 28 Sep
    i love reading your blog
  7. 16 Sienna 28 Sep
    Hi Jessie
    In the holidays I went to China with 7 other girls from my school mostly from Year 5 but 2 from Year 6. It was great, We went on a cruise and walked the Great Wall Of China! I have been to China before but this time it was better because we did way more things. I hope you had a great holiday!
    Sienna :-)
  8. 15 Chloe 01 Oct
    I went to More Park Beach
  9. 14 Tracey 02 Oct
    Hi Jessie I plan that my friends are only Sophia,Clara and Tram
  10. 13 dakota 02 Oct
    hey I have planned to go shopping in habour town go to the beachand of course have sleepovers
  11. 12 Tracey 02 Oct
    Hi Jessie

    i really really love to read your fantastic blogs😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
  12. 11 Zoe 03 Oct
    Hi Jessie my name is Zoe and this is my first time reading total girl and I'm getting next months mag when it comes I love your space I read that you had the most messy closet . I have a really messy closet my dog rosebud and I were reading TG together well I hope you liked my story,oh And by the way you are awesome like TG from Zoe xxx
  13. 10 Tarran 05 Oct
    hey Jessie
    on the holidays I went to Luna  park with my family it was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 9 Galen 06 Oct
    Hey Jessie!! This holidays I had some of my amazing cousins come down for a few days which was pretty awesome!! I Hadn't SEEN THEM FOR 4 YEARS!!! well, we went to the sea life aquarium, the wildlife zoo, madame tussards, the sydney tower eye, and Luna Park!! it was such a fun, epic time and im so glad i could see them again:)<3<3 xoxo
  15. 8 kaylee 07 Oct
    Hi Jessie this month I'm going to Bathurst and the janolan caves with all the year 5 at my school including me obviously haha well not all a couple cant go but its going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!! I'm going to collect gold , look at the three sisters and see farm animals oh and next year I'm going to Canberra YAY! I cant wait to go to both of those places

    love you Jessie xoxo :P
  16. 7 Maddy 09 Oct
    I am having the best holiday's ever 
    I am doing vacation swimming I hope I will pass

  17. 6 lexi 11 Oct
    Hey jessie!
         i always enjoy reading your fantastic blog entries! it has been so tough coming up with what to write on MY blog:(. but YOU are SO good at stuff like that, and are NEVER a downer:)! i plan to have a slumber party and in it, include all those fun tips i read from tg!!! love your blog, and i think that someday you could even get a CAREER of writing stories cause you're SO good at stuff like this! hope the holidays are great for you!!! but dont eat too much cake:P
  18. 5 Madison 12 Oct
    Hi Jessie!

    last month i went to the Royal Melbourne show 2 TIMES!!! the first time i went with my dad and we had SO much fun!!! we went on this ride where you get wet and its called the pirates revenge! we got a photo of both of us on the ride:) it was great spending time with my dad!!! the second time i went with my cousins and we had SO much fun, we got a showbag each and guess which showbag i got?!? A TOTAL GIRL SHOW BAG!!! :D it was super cool:)

    Talk soon:) 
    PS love your blog! 
    Madison:) xoxo
  19. 4 Mia 12 Oct
    Hi Jessie,
    on the holidays I had a sleepover with my BFF it was AWESOME. We had beauty makeover and all the stuff that girls like. And the next day it was pretty HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we went to dairybell to get a ICE-CREAM!!!
    I had so much fun!!!!!!!

    Ps: thanks for all you work
    Mia xoxo
  20. 3 Chloe 10 Dec
    Merry christmas Jessie. You rock totes


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