Bestie Drama

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hey TGs,

I've had such a terrible week. I had a HUGE argument with Angie because she's been acting really weird. It all started on Monday when we were at school. She and Brenda walked into school together, that was sooo weird because Angie and Brenda never hang out.

In class Cass asked her about it and she said that Brenda was pretty cool and had invited her to the movies that weekend. I found it sooo hard to believe that someone as sweet as Angie could get along with Brenda who is so mean-spirited. She never has anything nice to say about anyone and yet she's one of the popular girls at school.

Anyways, by Wednesday we had all noticed that Angie had stopped having lunch with us and was now sitting with Brenda and the cool girls. Molly even said that she was avoiding her during science class! How rude!

Yesterday I was on my way to the tuck shop and bumped into Angie and asked her if she'd like to come over after school to play with Cotton and she said she would love to. So later that day I waited and waited at home with Cotton and eventually I got sick of waiting and took Cotton to the park myself.

On the way home, I saw Angie and Brenda hanging out at the local park. I was furious! My bestie had totally stood me up! When I got home I burst into tears! Mum told me it was okay for Angie to make new friends but I feel so betrayed that she would do that to me.

Have any of you girls ever gone through this? 

I really don't want our friendship to end but I don't know how to make her see that we're her real friends and we miss her.

Sorry for bumming everyone out with this post, I just thought I would ask for some advice.



  1. 19 CeCe 09 Aug
    OMTG! I am so sorry Jessie! Sort of the same thing happened to me only a couple of weeks ago. I felt so hurt that I stopped talking to them. They didn't even notice until 3 weeks later. I felt horrible I had spent countless lunches alone and when we made groups they didn't even bother asking me if I wanted to join. I had to keep holding my tears back but when I get home I burst out crying. Eventually I wrote a letter to them to say they were hurting me. They all wrote a heart-felt sorry letter back and the good news is we are friends again. And they always make sure to include me in stuff to.
    You should write Angie a note to say you miss her. She'll understand.
  2. 18 Emma 09 Aug
    If I were you I would tell her how you feel. She might not realise she is hurting  you. if she keeps hanging out with Brenda and you've told her how  you feel I would get over her and just let her go. Maybe she just wants to move on.
  3. 17 kobey 09 Aug
    it ok tell angie how you feel she will understand if that doesn't work try to make some new friends maybe ask some girls to go shopping or have a sleepover!  best wishes and good luck
  4. 16 Roya 09 Aug
    Hi Jessie can you please tell me all about you.  :) 
  5. 15 nitya 09 Aug
    it's okay jessie! everything will be fine in a while between you and Angie! i am sure she is just faking to be friends with Brenda! i know that no offence to you jessie but maby she got angry cuz you said something bad to her! you should say sorry and talk things thru with her and soon you lot will be together again!
  6. 14 TG Reader Matisse 10 Aug
    Hi Jessie,
    I love reading Jessie's space.Can I be on your friend list? (Please)
    Thanks Matisse 
  7. 13 Marley 10 Aug
    Jessie you need to know when someone is your friend then she promises you something and doesn't do it it's hard I know I asked my friend to go to the movies and she said yeah but I was waiting for her and when I got out of the movie I saw her with my worst enemy
    my tip go and talk to her don't keep it to yourself  its better to let it all out and be honest
    hope  you get better Jessie
  8. 12 Mathilda 10 Aug
    Jessie, I know how you feel. It's hard to see your best friend hanging out with the enemy.

    Here's plan A:

    If you really feel sad or angry, then you should tell her your feelings and ask her why she's hanging out with Brenda.If she still dosen't want to hang out with you.....

    Then here's plan B:

    You should stand tall. Show her whose the better friend. Everytime you see Angie and Brenda talking, then join their conversation. Say something nice about them.

    Well, Good Luck!
  9. 11 Jade 11 Aug
    OMTG Jessie! How could she do something like that! I personally think the best thing to do is call her or talk to hear at school and tell her hoe you feel. Tell her what you think, but don't be mean or harsh. Talk kindly and calmly and don't yell. Don't worry Jessie! You and Angie will be the best of friends soon! It's going to be okay! When you asked her to come over to your house, maybe she bumped into Brenda on the way to your house and Brenda persuaded her to stay at the park with her for a little bit, then she could go to your house. I would NEVER think that Angie forgot because she's one of your BFFLs! You just need to confront her (nicely). Maybe Angie is hiding something. You should definitely go and ask her. That's the best way to solve mysteries! And maybe you might of done something mean to her or made her jealous. Maybe you should ask her that too. I know that Angie is a wonderful person and she would NEVER in a MILLION years try to hurt you.

    Hope this helps! <3 from Jade!!!
  10. 10 Abbie 11 Aug
    yes but i have better friends now that im homeschooled also i love your blog i read it all the time
  11. 9 Emily 11 Aug
    Hi Jessie I hope you put this in TG
    It would be the best I enjoy reading your blog and I really hope you are feeling gr8 
  12. 8 Erin 12 Aug
    Hi Jessie,

    I know how you feel! It's horrible when one of your best trusted besties leaves you out. I've gone through this about millions of times as I'm not very popular.
    For advice:

    Tell her that it's cool to have lots of friends, but Brenda makes her just wanna hang out with her so she's leaving you out. One of my times it happened to me all started like this: In Kindergarten my best friend was Rachel because the other two friends were in another class. Now I'm in year three, and Rachel is still in my class, the other two friends still in another. I've hanging out with my friends in the other class, Charza and Chloe, more than Rachel. One day Rachel asked me to join the Cool Kids Group and sit with some of my enemies but she doesn't know some of them are enemies. So I sat with them and Chloe was left out because Charza was away. Now I sit with TCKG(the cool kids group) at lunch, and Chloe and Charza reccess. The next day, swap around.

    My soloution may not solve your problem, but you can ask her to all play together nicely.

    Hugs and hopes up, Good luck,

    TG Reader Erin:)
  13. 7 Jassie 13 Aug
    That's happened 2 me b4 and it sucked we rnt friends anymore!
  14. 6 Brooke 13 Aug
    Jessie, I know how you feel on Friday, i thought my friend was ditching me for another girl, because she was always leaving me out of the converstaions and running of and leaving me on my own, and then i got sick of it. then she got mad at me because i was upset. But we are all good now and I am sure everything will work out for you. You should talk to her. I'm sure that she will apologize and you will get back on track. Good Luck.
  15. 5 need help 16 Aug
    well, i dont know if my bff like me were sort of like yeah were friends nobody says anything though i dontknow htough my real bff is amazing xx
  16. 4 hailey 18 Aug
    i understand Jessie my BFF sophie we were really good friends for two years and then one day i asked her to come over to mine and go on a shopping spree i was waiting for ages and then i called sophie but she wasent home so me and mum went to the mall and while i was there Sophie was there with a girl called Mackenzie i was so hurt and then i went over and asked her why and she said "OMG i am so sorry hey look at that cool outfit" so i turnnd around and when i turned back they were running away! i dont talk to them now because they call me really mean names.
  17. 3 shianne 18 Aug
    Jessie you should try to talk to Angie or send her a note saying how you feel . Then she might understand.
  18. 2 Sarah 01 Sep
    Same thing,my friends and me had a fight about my iPod and Teah and Broke Brook it. Love from the best,Sarah!:):3:><:
  19. 1 seline 03 Sep
    hey jessie i love your space can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeee add me thx
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