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keep growing, keep dreaming, keep following your heart XOXO, TG Imogen - Imogen Hey I love ur mags but I can't find out were to get the comp up on the web site guys 😭☹ help me out pls😋 - Shayla I love TG - Gemma I like totally embarrassing and I've been reading Total Girl from this past Easter. - Christina Your mag rocks Total Girl . Hey guys if you entered a comp good luck! 😀🙈🙉🧘🏼‍♀️🏵 - Ella HELLLO, I LOVE TOTAL GIRL MAGS AND I DONT LIKE GIRLS WHO SAY UwU - Val Hi TG!!! OMG I adore you soooo much. Thats all I wanted to say. From Quinn - Quinn Hi My name is Camille I am 10 years old and I have 1 younger brother called Emile and 2 fish Lola and Arlo I am a TG lover know I have something to ask you can you make an Ariana Grande poster for the next TG if you do OMGTG I will be so happy and I love the totally embarrassing part of your book so please never stop Camille - Camille Hi TG! I love your mag! Shout out to all my friends! Keep on trying your best TGs! ❤️🔥 - Celeste Thank you so much TG! I just received the Cruella gift patch and I couldn’t be happier! I love your magazines and I just crossed something off my bucket list. You make dreams come true! - Grace

TG Meets Totally Awesome Squad!

Introducing Sammy G, Lilly Grace and Maddie!

Introducing Sammy G, Lily-Grace and Maddie!
Together they make up PopJam's Totally Awesome Squad! They're smart, funny, creative and of course, major squad goals. Each member of the Squad has their own awesome set of skills and they hung out at TGHQ and gave us all the goss on their special talents!

Check out the vid below for your intro to this awesome squad and stay tuned for even more fun with the Totally Awesome Squad!
If you're hanging to stay up to date with the TotallyAwesomeSquad download PopJam to your tablet or device and check out the Total Girl and Totally Awesome Squad channels today!

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