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SECRET GIVEAWAY | WIN a Spirit Untamed Prize Pack

Can you spot the code word hidden in this video?

Hey TGs!

We have a very special prize in this month's online Comps Club! But the trick is, you can't find the code word in the mag. This secret code word is in the video above! 💕

Want to know what the secret giveaway is? This awesome Spirit Untamed Prize Pack! 



Want even more chances to WIN?

Be sure to grab the September issue of Total Girl magazine, out now - packed with loads of cool competitions, fun activities, celeb posters, and awesome prizes up for grabs!

Retail copies of the September mag come with a FREE Cotton Candy Plush Scrunchie in cute tie dye colours - every scrunchie is unique (just like you, TGs, hehe). Don't miss out! 

Yay! Gooooood luck. 




Hi, when will the Spirit DVD winners be posted? Thanks 😊
27/10/2021 2:43:16 PM
I love spirt untamed.I’ve watched it at the cinemas but not again
26/9/2021 6:46:11 PM
i love all your mags but wish that i can get the prize with it since one of my birthday presents was to subscribe.
12/9/2021 4:06:35 PM
Hi Total Girl, When do we find out the winners of the Unicorn Squishy Competition? Amira
7/9/2021 9:53:07 AM
I love the new mag!
3/9/2021 1:11:28 PM
Am I allowed to answer the TG prize question and then copy and paste the same writing into each comp I enter?
31/8/2021 9:57:01 PM
Yea it is! Hopefully we both win good luck everyone!
31/8/2021 6:50:04 PM
The code word is dream
31/8/2021 11:32:25 AM
Secret Give Away Code Word: Dream for the SECRET GIVEAWAY | WIN a Spirit Untamed Prize Pack.
30/8/2021 9:11:11 PM
The code word is dream
30/8/2021 8:43:25 AM
I have the mag, but I didn’t get the plush cotton candy scrunchie with it because I have a subscription to Total Girl
29/8/2021 8:19:11 PM
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