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WHEN IS THE AUGUST ISSUE OUT!?!? I LOVE ur mags so much, luv - Annabelle I These mags are the best! I wanna get one every month :D - Anya Love these mag. The beeest!😁😁😁😁 - Kayje L TG I love your mags they are like soooo amazing -Aaranyaa - Aaranyaa Never Stop making TG - Sophie S i love ariana grande she so cool she my fav - wendy l These are my fav mags - Kate Shoutout to my friend Caitlin! (Who also goes by Chrissy Wake Up) - Sadie H I loooooooovee ur mags! I really hope to be featured in one or win something - Tessa S i'm so happy my sister won a prize !!!!! i just hope i will one day to!!!!!!! - jessica

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