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Kicking for Gold! TG chats with soccer star Katrina Gorry

Kicking for Gold! TG chats with soccer star Katrina Gorry

Olympian and pro soccer player Katrina Gorry spills the tea on what it takes to make it to the Games!

Hey Katrina! You've played for both the Matildas and Brisbane Roar. How did you get into professional soccer?

I started playing at around six or seven years old. Both of my older brothers played, and my sister played netball, so Mum tried to get me to play netball and I hated it. I just kicked the netball around and eventually, she put me into soccer! I fell in love with it from that age and continued training and playing.

You go through school nationals, club nationals and eventually I was picked up by the Queensland Academy of Sport, which was pretty scary at age 13. I was there for about a year because I thought I was too young (I wasn't), so I kept playing at club level. I was about 15 years old when I signed my first professional contract with Melbourne Victory! 

What was it like playing your first FIFA Women's World Cup in 2015? 

That must’ve been one of my favourite tournaments. Australia was an underdog, as we usually are. We love being the underdog. We had a really good team and a really good team environment which I think helped us go so far in that tournament.


We’re counting down to the Tokyo Olympic Games, what sports will you be watching besides soccer?

I really enjoy watching swimming. I enjoyed watching hockey while I was over in Rio [TG note: where Katrina competed in the Rio Olympic Games!], we went and watched some of the hockey which was awesome because Australia was dominating in that sport! But any sort of sport that Australia is in, is really exciting for all of us. Especially once being an Olympian, you kind of know what it takes to get there. To be watching from home is something super special for me and I hope the girls do really well! 

If you could master any other sport, besides soccer, what would it be?

Tennis! I really think tennis players are just incredible athletes - the way that they throw their body around the court, the power that they get on serves and returns. I think it’s pretty impressive and I really enjoy watching tennis.


For more, pick up a copy of the August issue of Total Girl out now - where Katrina shares her best tips to becoming a better soccer player!


I love the matildas my fav player is Sam Kerr plz interview her
16/8/2021 11:48:18 AM
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