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Omg the September issue just came in the mail it’s sooooooo amazing!!!! - Ruby T These are the BEST! - Kayje L I absolutely love Total Girl! - Lily L I looooove your mags! I only just started reading them (I've only read 1) and I ABSOLOUTELY love them! - Mia Shoutout to: Bella, Hannah, Alana, and Danisha. Thanks Girlies!:) - Kayje L Hello to keep up your cool 😎 mags best ever!! - Amaya Keep making mags - Taylor hi! I love your mags! shoutout to: Hana, Abby, Sadie and Felicity my friends and my sis! - Maia hiii I love your magsssss 😍 - Hannah V I love these mags. Keep it up Team TG! - Kayje L