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OMTG I LOVE your magazines! They are amazing and I am always excited to read them! Bye! Keep up the good work! - Charlotte l love to watch Desendants l love sofia carson shes the best shes a good singer everey body likes dove but l like sofia carson desendants is the best movie - abby Hey tg I luv ur mags sooooo much they are awesome!!❤️Big shoutout to my bestie ruby who also loves your mag! - Rani Hi your amazing - Ella can you please and more stuff to the embarrsing page love your mags! - penelope love your mags - betty I love total girl - Jamie I give a shout out to my friends. They are so nice! <3 - lucyyyy hello im just bored so hey - ruby I have only just started reading Ur mags but I love them! I think I'm addicted!!! Thanks total girl - Jasmine

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