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Kicking goals! Sam Kerr chats with Total Girl - soccer tips and more!

We chat with the soccer superstar!

Captain of the Matildas, striker for Chelsea FC and now her own book series?!

Total Girl caught up with sports superstar Sam Kerr - and we were left feeling totally inspired.

Sam chats with Team TG about her cool new book series, shares advice on how to deal with bullies, and spills her top tip to improving your soccer skills!

Her new book series Kicking Goals: The Flip Out  and A New Knight  are out now!

You can also catch Sam Kerr in the January issue of Total Girl, out now! Retail copies of January issue comes with a FREE 2022 Wall Planner plus a limited-edition Total Girl Charm Bracelet - but hurry only while stocks last. 

Click here for a sneak peek of the new mag!

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