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Shoutout to Abi, Poppy and Poppy, thanks for always being there for me and always being kind and understanding. P.S total girl rules! - Hayley I literally ❤️ Total Girl!!! - Lulu Hi I love total girl I just got a new book - Poppy shout out to Aunty Leah for buying me a total girl subscription! I reeeeeaaaaaaallllllyyyyyyy love reading them! - addison OMG!! I ❤️ TG For my 10th I got a supcription - Sophie Shout out to my BFF Ali we both collect these awesome mags! - Isabelle love you tg - Summer Hey y’all - Betty I love TG I even beg for my mum to buy it - Savannah hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii TG - addison

mother's day