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Luv you TG! - Grace Thx for your mags and keep up the food recipes yum. - Sophie A big shout out to my sister and - Anh I started collecting TG last month and I love them ( I got this months one to) - mia hi all total girls out there!! Just wanted to say that no matter what people think, boys and girls are equal in every way! GO TG, I hope you never stop making your mags! - Jade I love total girl when I go to the shop sometimes and there’s one total girl that I hide it and then get it next times I absolutely love total girl because I love seeing what you guys put in the magazines - Millie I love your mags my favorite part is Wednesday weeks quest. - Wendy OMG u TG's are the Best BFF's - kassy I love TG!!! It’s so good!!! - Sophia Hey I love ur mags but I can't find out were to get the comp up on the web site guys 😭☹ help me out pls😋 - Shayla

harry styles leaving one direction