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Harry Styles Is Going Solo!

Harry Styles Is Going Solo!

He’s got an album coming for us really soon…

1D might be on hiatus at the moment, but that doesn’t mean the boys are slacking off! Louis and Liam recently gave a speech at the Brit Awards, Niall is making the most of the break so he can jump straight back into things, and Harry is working on his very own solo album! Wooh!

Rumour has it he’s trying to work on an edgy, ‘rockier’ sound to make his sound more unique and slightly different to One Direction! We can’t wait to hear this new sound and reckon it will be awesome!

So far Harry still plans to stay with One Direction, and we hope it stays that way!

Are you excited for Harrys new solo album? Tell us in the comments below!


OMG I will so buy that but it will make me remember that one direction broke up:.( I LOVE YOU HARRY
13/3/2016 11:11:34 PM
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need one direction
7/3/2016 9:20:30 AM
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