Total Girl Lip Gloss Awards 2019 + WIN

by | Apr 15, 2019
⭐️ YAY! The Total Girl Lip Gloss Awards are back! ⭐️

Team TG
 and I tested the coolest lip glosses and balms going around, so you don't have to next time you're searching for the perf lip prod. It was tough, there were, like, soooooo many to choose from and they all had different benefits and scents. 🌸🌸🌸

Untitled design (14)

But we do have our faves and YOU can WIN every single lip product featured in the awards! 😮😮😮  Yep! You can view all the winning products by clicking on the gallery image below: 

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 5.36.36 PM

Then, simply pick up a copy of the May issue of Total Girl to find out how you can enter. You MUST send your entry to email address mentioned in the mag. 👈 
Unforch, comments below will not count. Good luck! 😝

Rosie xo


  1. 9 Annie 16 Apr
    I would create a watermelon & cotton candy lip gloss, the original colour would be light blue burst when you put it on... it turns SPARKLY PINK!! The smell would also be OMTG!!
  2. 8 TG's Rosie 16 Apr
    Amazing, Annie! LOVE that idea! 
    Remember, to make your answer an official entry, you have to send your answer to the email address in the mag. 
    Good luck!

    Rosie xo 
  3. 7 Lucy 16 Apr
    i would make a deluxe one which is metallic moustourising colourchanging scented flavored one and it is in a cute package 
  4. 6 Xabrina 16 Apr
    I would make a clear lip gloss that turns Pink with iredisent glitter in sunlight and smells like chocolate.
  5. 5 Erica 16 Apr
    I would make a rainbow lip gloss that becomes clear with rainbow glitter if it hits your lips. It smells like strawberries! #glossgoals
  6. 4 Alessia 17 Apr
    I would do mars bar slice because of what an awesome flavour it is! It would be light brown with glitter because whats lipgloss without glitter!
  7. 3 ayesha 17 Apr
    I would make a Bubble gum-unicorn shaped-rainbow coloured lip gloss that makes chapped lips Perfect and also a tint of sheen! THE FLAVOUR WOULD BE OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!
  8. 2 Georgina 17 Apr
    I would create a fairy floss lip gloss that turns pink when it touches your lips and best of all, YOU CAN EAT IT!
  9. 1 TG's Rosie 17 Apr
    I am LOVING all these ideas, TGs! 😍😍😍
    But remember, to make your answer an official entry, you MUST send it to the email address mentioned in the magazine! 🙌🙌🙌 Unforch, we won't be judging comments as entries. Good luck!

    Rosie xo 


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