Back to School Hair

by | Feb 06, 2019
Hey TGs,

I can't believe it's Back to School already! Who's excited for the new school year?! Anyone starting high school? Eeeep! 😬😬😬 

If you are, my best advice would be: get organised (with super cute stationery, of course!), don't be afraid to put yourself out there (sign up for the school play, join the sports team, go for a leadership position!) and most importantly, be yourself. 💜📗

OK, side note. Who's ready to see a school pic of me in Year 6?! OMG I actually haven't changed a bit! LOL! 😂 

Rosie school pic
Obvs, my go-to look was a low ponytail. 💁🏻 But the ca-utest hair pack by Scunci landed on my beauty desk this month and I was super keen to try some new lewks! I took inspo from the January issue of TG (where you'll find the full tutorial)!

Look 1: Mad for Maddie 💛

Look 1 Maddie
Image Getty Images

This look is my faaave and was defs the easiest to do! I secured my high ponytail with a hair elastic, then covered the elastic with a scrunchie. How adorbs is the blue and white striped one?! A quick burst of hair spray held everything in place. 

Look 2: Zendaya will slay ya! ⚡️

Look 2 Zendaya
Getty Images

I LOVE this look by Zendaya. Confession, I’m terrible at braiding hair! OMG, I know! Is there anyone out there who can teach me?! I went for the easier version and plaited my hair instead. I secured my plait with an elastic and upped the glam factor with glitter clips! 

Look 3: Kenzie frenzy 🌸

Look 3 Kenzie
Image Getty Images

This weekend look takes a bit more time –  the longer you leave your plaits in, the tighter the curls! I used poly bands to secure all my little plaits. When ready, I gently brushed them out and gave my hair a side part. I finished the look with glitter clips (coz clearly, they’re my new fave accessory! LOL!).  

What I used for these looks: Scunci Summer Essentials Style Pack, $12.95


Yay! How do you wear your hair to school? Let me know in the comments below! 😁
👇 AND comment below if you know how to braid! 😂😂😂

Catch ya next time,
Rosie xo


  1. 4 Alyssa 07 Feb
    Hey Rosie!
    i started year 10 this year and I get exams so I’m not looking forward to that :(
    i think you looked really cute in your grade 6 photo and you looked really pretty with all the different hairstyles. I wear my hair in a ponytail for school.
    from Alyssa xoxo
  2. 3 TG's Rosie 08 Feb
    Hey Alyssa!
    That's so exciting! Exams can seem a little scary at first but with a little preparation I'm sure do fine! :) 
    Aw thank you, that's too kind! I had so much fun trying out the different hairstyles but the ponytail was my fave! 

    Rosie xo 
  3. 2 Maggie 12 Feb
    Hi Rosie, 
    I started high school this year and it was so overwhelming! I was crying and saying to my self that I was not going to make any friends. But I met a very nice girl called Ruby and I consider her one of my friends! I always wear a low ponytail for school, and you look fab in that picture. 
    Maggie xox
    Can you please put Colleen Ballinger in the next mag! That would make my month :)
  4. 1 Sarah 13 Feb
    Wow Rosie you look so pretty in your cool new hairstyles in all the photos, I can't wait to try some of these ideas for school.


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