DIY knot bracelets!

by Laura | Feb 12, 2018

Hey TGs!


OK so just putting it out there: I am utterly OBSESSED with making friendship bracelets. They are so much fun to make and are so preeeetty! *Heart eyes emoji*


So anyway, our Totally Squee issue hit the stands today! Yaaass! But you totes already knew that, right? Hehe. If you’ve already had a chance to pick up a copy and flip through the pages, our super cute friendship bracelet tutorial may have caught your keen eye. If you want to learn how to make the adorbs knot bracelets, which are featured on the page 53, grab your bestie and follow the instructions below.


Happy crafting, TGs!


Xo Laura

P.S. Knot bracelets are quite tricky to master, so be patient while you’re learning. Practice makes perfect!



What you need:

* Cotton thread in various colours cut into equal lengths (50cm), 4-10 strands


What to do:


  1. Knot strands together at the end and secure it to the edge of a hard surface (a table works great) using tape – ask the Mum and Dad first!
  2. Hold your first colour on the far left and take the colour beside it and form a ‘4’ with the strands, tuck colour one under colour two and form a knot, do this twice.
  3. Colour one has now moved one space to the right. Repeat step 2 with colour one and the next colour beside it.
  4. Keep going as colour one travels over to the right, until you have a complete row of that colour. Yay!
  5. Your next furthest colour at left is colour two. Repeat steps 2-4 to complete another row.
  6. Keep going! Repeat with all your colours to form a colour sequence you like.
  7. Finish with a plait, or tie off to secure. 



  1. 6 Jordan 20 Feb
    I am going to do it with my BFF , we even have nicknames my is jf12 and hers is ac12
  2. 5 TG's Laura 21 Feb
    Hey Jordan! That's so cool that you and your bestie are going to make these bracelets together. Please let me know how you go! Have fun and good luck :)
  3. 4 Willa 04 Mar
    I am trying it with 5 threads and it is looking pretty good! But why does it keep curling up at the sides?
    Thanks for this awesome bracelet instructions!
  4. 3 TG's Laura 05 Mar
    Hey Willa, I'm so stoked to hear you're giving this bracelet a go and it's looking good! Sometimes the sides will curl if the knots are too tight. Keep practising, coz once you've made a few, you'll learn how to hit that sweet spot (not too loose, not too tight). Hope this helps :)
  5. 2 Bella 12 Mar
    My bestie Evie and I are going to make four of them. One for me one for her and one for out cats Sebastian and Abbie!!!
  6. 1 TG's Laura 12 Mar
    Hey Bella! That's fab that you're going to give these a try with your bestie – they are heaps easier to do (and way more fun) with a second pair of hands. You guys should make a crafternoon of it! Too much fun! Let us know how you guys go, and give Sebastian and Abbie a pat for me :) 


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