Is That A Cake? No, It's Beauty Products!!!

by Cassie | Sep 06, 2016
Hi TGs! 

The life of a beauty editor is pretty exciting! One minute I’ll be painting my nails (yes, really), and the next an exciting parcel will land on my desk filled with cute new prods. 
Here are the most exciting deliveries to land on my desk this week.

A watermelon filled with fruit and lip balm!


This guy cam from Blistex to celebrate their new melon flavoured lip prods. Obviously the whole office squealed when the post man rocked up!

A cake filled with nail stuff! This is the cake before we totally demolished it… 


And after…


What could be better than an insanely cool tropical cake? Answer: an insanely cool tropical cake filled with Manicare prods. 

What exciting beauty discoveries have you made this month? Let me know in the comments below.

Xx Cass


  1. 9 PLL ADDICT 18 Sep
    OMG! Totes jealous! Anyway I foud heaps of new make up this month. Can you believe this...they have make up in a one direction tin! Does it get better than that, I dont think it does. :)
  2. 8 Jessica 04 Nov
    oooh that is cool
  3. 7 Sophie 04 Nov
    Serious? OMTG CASS THAT IS SO COOL! I really was thinking about wanting some new products to try out-tell those guys my doorstep needs something!
  4. 6 Cosme 03 Dec
    Cass, you are like, so lucky to get all of those products! I'm totes gonna get some for myself!
  5. 5 Monique 24 Jul
    Cass, you are SOOOOO lucky!!
  6. 4 Zuha 12 Sep
    OMG! Cass, you are SOOOOO lucky! I totes wish I have those!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOO jealous right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 3 jennifer 05 Oct
    hello wow this looks AMAZING you are soo lucky!!!

    oh yeah and i was wondering on the comps page on terms and conditions i dont really understand when it says only one entry per email address does it mean you can only enter one competition  or you can enter more then one comp but you cant send in two entrys for one comp with the same email? or neither of these just wondering
  8. 2 Lexi 16 Oct
    No way!!!!!! Sooooo jealous rn!
  9. 1 Sophie 21 Oct
    Omtg your just to cool for this world cass
     rocking you life 


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