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Hello any girl who is reading this, don’t let your age define you, you can like whatever you want! I’m 13 and I sometimes get bullied becuase I buy the every month mag but I don’t let that hurt me. I love what I love and no-one can stop me :). Thanks so much TG for making me feel happy! - Miki Total girl is the best - Sarah 👁❤TG! - Courtney I am such a big fan of your mags!! Shoutout to my bestie Immy who is also a huge fan! We would both love to hear more, keep it up 😊😉👍 - Audrey shout out to my favourite singer Ariana grande - Thea TG love the mag and all the ideas of what I can do. Awesome .. - Athena N ver stop making these I have 12of the mags Sophia - sophia Hi Total Girl, Your mag's are amazing! I started collecting them this year! I have been so grateful for your mag! Tell the team I say hi! - Japhar- - Japhar I would like to shout out to all my friends & family!!!😋 - Jemi I could really use that switch… I'm very bored at the moment - James