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I loooooove you guys. BIG FAN!!! - Issy Hey TG I love your mags never stop making them I have never won a comp from TG😢 - #Ruby i have been buying your mags for 3 years know and it is amazing how good they are!!!!! - Amelia Dear TG, I liked the magazine of Zoe Blaire beacause l liked the pages of it’s my universe and totally embarrassing pages of the magazine. I’ve already read Charlie D Amelio magazine of TG.l subscribed to your YouTube channel too, this is the best magazine ever! Kind Regards, Lily - Lily I love your magazine’s they are the best.-Lil - Lil I luve your mags so much!!!!!!! can there be more of the Rybka twins please never stop making your mags!! :) - Stella My name is Aria and I am 10 years old. I have collected over 20 of your mags! I like to play the piano, gymnastics and I am obsessed with your mags (obviously). My fave celebrities are Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Dove Cameron and Sophia Carson. NEVER STOP MAKING YOUR MAGS!! Luv from your biggest fan, Aria. - Aria Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo - Sonja I Love Your mags - Samantha Hoi there - Simcha
How Well Do You Know The LEGO® Friends?

How Well Do You Know The LEGO® Friends?

Test your LEGO Friends knowledge with some fun trivia!
We're totally obsessed with the LEGO® Friends! They're all so different, but all so fun. Test your knowledge of how well you know these 5 amazing pals!
Learn about the LEGO® Friends RIGHT HERE!
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Apparently I know them pretty well. I don't really watch it anymore...
18/10/2021 2:50:00 PM
Eva S
5/10/2021 9:44:48 AM
I know them to well 😆
25/9/2021 5:22:15 PM
I got almost all of them right in this series of questions
22/8/2021 10:19:57 AM
i got one wrong
20/8/2021 9:04:38 AM
I kept retaking the quiz soz
17/8/2021 4:40:29 PM
I kept retaking the quiz soz
17/8/2021 4:40:16 PM
I got all of them right!
6/8/2021 11:09:21 AM
It said that i know them so so well
20/7/2021 8:26:47 PM
Lego friends are Cool but I don’t know them too well
11/7/2021 4:28:49 PM
I love lego friends but I didn't know how much, until just Now!
12/6/2021 7:24:04 PM
I got all of them right yet i was guessing the whole time!!! i love lego but the last time i saw friends lego was..... afew years ago!!
6/6/2021 3:39:53 PM
I think you should do a set of Mia, Stephanie, Emma, Olivia, and Andrea as the little giveaways that with each mag! Love TG mag!❤️❤️
27/4/2021 5:03:33 AM
I'm a lego friends expert. I'm not surprised, I love lego SO MUCH! I'm like a big fan of them. (Not as much as tg but still!)
14/4/2021 6:24:32 PM
I loved taking the how well do you know the lego friend and I think you guys should make a which lego friend are you quiz!!
3/3/2021 1:45:21 AM
Yay i got Lego friends expert! i got nearly all their Lego sets and would love if Total girl put a mini Lego friends or Lego F R I E N D S set or figure in their mag.
9/1/2021 5:56:56 PM
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