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METAL MAG!! NOW!!! PLEASE! IVE BEEN READING YOUR MAGS SINCE 2010 AND I NEED MORE METAL - NECROBUTCHER Hey tg can you please put more of Olivia Rodrigo and BTS - Hayley hi I love your magazines can you please make them with moji squishes - Charlotte i love the beatles - clarissa I love your mags my fav Is girl talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Bonnie Thank you so much for your amazing magazines - Piper I love your mags! Keep it up 😍😍 - Paris can you please please please make a mag about blackpink there sooooooooooo cool - Lexie Hola Shout out to my friend Isla and Tiamo.Never stop ur mags EVER!!!Bye - Aaliyah Shoutout to my sister lexie who loves tg! - Lexie


5/8 I am in love!
19/12/2015 6:52:24 AM
I really want these new cool styles for Christmas!
2/11/2015 9:21:16 PM
the playsuit and the hoodie are totally stylish.
29/7/2015 12:18:33 PM
I am in love with that awesome colour-tastic playsuit so smashing
9/7/2015 11:23:16 AM
i love 3/8 they are so cute
4/6/2015 8:33:04 PM
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