How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

by TG's Claire | Dec 18, 2018
Hey TGs,

Do you believe in dragons? 

Well, how about now?!

Claire and dragons from How To Train Your Dragon

Yes, here is a totally realistic image of me with Toothless the dragon from the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy, plus a brand new friend, a female Light Fury! I think we really bonded. Look how much she trusts me! Toothless seems less sure... 

(side note: are you familiar with the Cottingley Fairies? Look them up at your local library - TL;DR, those 'fairies' were in fact paper cutouts, but in 1917, two sisters were able to fool people into thinking they were real with photographs of them. These dragon pics would Blow. Their. Minds!!!)

OK, so, on the weekend, I got to sit in the very first audience in the world to see How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, which concludes the trilogy. If you're not familiar with the first two, go and see them now, well ahead of the 3 January release date of the finale. They are such gorgeous stories - full of imagination, humour and of course, dragons!

Over at the cinema in Bondi, for this very special screening, they had made a 'hidden world' with my good friends in the picture, plus special glow effects and a glow-in-the-dark body painter, and glow sticks and more! 

What about the movie?! I am absolutely desperate to tell you all about it, but I am literally not allowed to! I can't say a thing! I'm only allowed to say how much I loved it, and I did. I really truly did. The emotions of the movie have stayed with me, even days later (I hope I'm allowed to say that). A review embargo is on until 3 January! So you'll have to head into cinemas to see it yourself. 

Are you excited to see How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World? Let me know in the comments!

And if I don't see you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, TGs, to all of you who are celebrating!

xo Claire 

P.S: If, like me, you would like to hang out in the Hidden World, you can! Some Event Cinemas are hosting immersive light installations, so check this list below to see if there's one near you: 

 Marion (SA), Miranda (NSW), Castle Hill (NSW), Campbelltown (NSW), Bondi Junction (NSW), Chermside (QLD), Indooroopilly (QLD), Maroochydore (QLD).


  1. 5 Alyssa 18 Dec
    Hey Claire! That photo of you and the dragons looks awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed the movie and it’s cool that you got to see it before the release date. I have not seen the the 1st and 2nd movie as of yet but I may be able to watch them these holidays.
    i hope you have an amazing Christmas and new year 
    from Alyssa xoxo 
  2. 4 Sarah 20 Dec
    That photo looks so cute! I am so excited to see the new movie and so is my younger sister who loves how to train your dragon. It is so cool how they added the light fury (the girl dragon) and how it will make the story really interesting. I am super happy to hear that you enjoyed the movie and got a cute photo. I hope you have an awesome TG Christmas! ​
  3. 3 TG's Claire 20 Dec
    Hey Alyssa,

    Thanks, I'm glad you like the pic. Yes, I really do recommend you see the whole trilogy, The story is so emotional and well-written and I think you'll find the visuals great too. Who doesn't love dragons?!

    You have a great Chrissie and NYE too!
    Claire xo

    Hey Sarah,

    Thanks! It's easy to get a cute pic with such cute dragons <3 Let me know what you and your sis think of the movie once you see it. I have a feeling you'll be fans of it! The Light Fury is great because... this way Toothless gets to have a friend! Maybe! I'm not allowed to spoil it for you! 

    You have a good Christmas too - hope you find something rad in your stocking. 

    xo Claire
  4. 2 Sarah 06 Jan
    Hi Claire,
    I got to see the movie not long ago and it was AMAZING! Me and my sisters Loved it. (I have two sisters which are younger than me). There were so many memorable, sad , romantic, happy and funny moments! And the ending part (not to spoil) It was just... I don't have the words even! Anyway thanks so much for responding back to me last year lol. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.
  5. 1 TG's Claire 09 Jan
    Hey Sarah,

    Thanks for your comment and excellent review. There were a lot of emotions in that movie, that's for sure! I'm pleased you and your younger sisters enjoyed it. How cute is Toothless?! 

    You're not wrong about the ending. Even thinking about me now is getting me right in the feels! 

    Hope you had a very happy holiday season too :)

    Claire xo 


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