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Hi I love total girl I just got a new book - Poppy Hi TG, shout out to your crew for your wonderful mags their awesome never stop making them ❤️ - Jessika This website is amazing - Hazel Shout out to my cute emotion octopus and my sister! - Aadya shout out to Aunty Leah for buying me a total girl subscription! I reeeeeaaaaaaallllllyyyyyyy love reading them! - addison I Love this website and it’s so cool giving people a chance to win things I would love to win this prize the smart watch Zoe - Zoe hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii TG - addison Never stop making your mags! - Manon I love my Mum!! - Ava I love Total Girl and it is ALWAYS my go to book on a rainy day ❤️😇🌼🌈🌧 - Eloise

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