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HI I LIKE WINNING THE PRIZES AND THE TOTALLY EMBARRASSING STORIES IN THE MAGAZINE, I ALSO LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE BOOKS!!!! - 123ET I love TG Magazines but please do more things on Sofia Carson and/or Dove Cameron your quizzes are good to thnks TG. _Jane - Jane Keep on making more total girl magazines they help me so much I love them and you keep them coming💕 - Boey Hi i love your mags - amy Went to buy latest issue at Coles and they didn’t have it ! - Danielle hi mum!! - Sofia I think TG is so awesome I love everything including the magazines and quizzes - J.J tg I love your mags - Elyssia - Rebecca O "The best accessory a girl can have is her best friend." -Paris Hilton - Shruti Whoever reads total girl magazines, don't stop believing in your dreams! And never stop reading total girls magazines, TG's! I only have been a fan for two months and TG magazines are all I can think about!!!!! - Charlotte