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my shoutout is to Reese and Scarlett for being such great friends you always put a smile on my face - sierra Hi, I'm Poppy and I love the mags Total Girl, keep up the great work!!! - Poppy I love you TG -shout out to my BFF Hayley - Tara Happy birthday someone i know it somebodys b day - Henley Hey tg I adore your mags and get them each time i go on road trips and see them at and my puppy maximus love reading them together!can we have a shoutout!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ - Roxy you guys make my life interesting tysm! sophie xxx - Sophie Hi I love your magazines I’m am a big fan - Matilda HI TG I LOVE YOUR MAGS SO MUCH!!! Can you put a poster of Almost Never in your next mag? Luv you <3 - Elise Don’t ever stop making your mags and shout out to all dog koala and dolphin lovers 😜 - Poppy I love tg mags - Sienna