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OMTG it's a New Katy Perry Perfume!

OMTG it's a New Katy Perry Perfume!

Total Girl beauty blogger Claire reviews Katy Perry's latest fragrance Killer Queen Royal Revolution.
Hey hey TGs!
My fave cat-loving kooky chick Katy Perry has done a new take on her Killer Queen fragrance (which, by the way, might be the best celeb fragrance line ever, soz Tay!).
Katy Perry's Killer Queen Royal Revolution puts a cool blue spin on the now-iconic bottle that looks like a huge, regal jewel. You know, big and sparkly like Katy's personality.

Katy Perry Killer Queen Royal Revolution

Katy says a great fragrance is a big confidence booster: "like an invisible suit of luxurious armour ... your secret weapon!"
Smells like: pink freesia, pomegranate, sandalwood, orange flower, jasmine petals, and lots more!
Wear it when: you need an extra burst of awesome: maybe you want to land a spot on the debating team, or you made it into the netball finals!


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