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I love doing these quizzes there so fun to do! - Madison hi it was my birthday yesterday i got a magazine for my birthaday - hannah TG is the Best. Keep up the zingy work. I can't stop taking my eyes off my magazine or fluffy putty! - Charlotte I LUV CHARLI D AMELIO AND I LUV U - Hannah I love total girl and looking at their stuff - phoebe Hello, from America! I just wanted to say hi to all the girls out there reading this message! Byeeee! - Simcha Hi Charli my name is mia I am 8 years old and a huge fan of you - Mia shout out to my bestie who has cancer you rock girl!!!! - Blue Ivy Hey guys love you so much for the amazing magazine. - Annalea I love your magzine# TGLOVER - Annalea

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