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Hiya! Shout out my friend Willow! - Audrey Could you do a total girl magazine on Dove Cameron or Miley Cyrus?? - Molly I love doing these quizzes there so fun to do! - Madison TG is the Best. Keep up the zingy work. I can't stop taking my eyes off my magazine or fluffy putty! - Charlotte Hey TG I love your mags sooooo much, never stop making them. - Maisie hey total girl i get your magaziens every day i get your showbags every time i go to the easter show your amazing im a fan and my dream is for you to send me a messsage back thank you tatal girl i love you xoxo - skye OMTG I love this Mag! - Isla I love total girl and looking at their stuff - phoebe I love reading your mags soooooooo much 😍😍 - Paris I bookmarked this website. I am literally your no.1 Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TG FOREVER Ps I luv chali d amelio and addison rae - Hannah

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