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Your tech gear just got a Sailor Moon makeover... Sailor TG!

Your tech gear just got a Sailor Moon makeover... Sailor TG!

She's the one named Sailor Moon!

Hey TGs!

The stars have aligned and given us the cuuuutest collab for your fave tech accessories. Anime fans this ones for you! 

Sailor Moon have released a cool line of limited-edition phone cases with CASETiFY and it's the perf collection for evil-fighting, galaxy saving Sailor Scouts. Magical! 💖

If you're not familiar with Sailor Moon, they also have cool collabs with Harry Potter, Olivia Rodrigo, Disney Princess and Star Wars too! 

Start saving though, because the range starts from $62. The plus side, the cases are made from recycled materials. So cool!

What would be your dream tech collab? Let us know in the comments below!

With Mum / Dad's permission, you can check out the entire collection at 


Gabby A
16/8/2022 5:30:05 PM
Devon F
I think it would be cool to have a Disney villains one
23/7/2022 5:59:04 PM
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