Capricorn Traits. Photo: Getty Images

Capricorns are loyal and patient, and they'll do anything to help someone and never ask for any reward. Sometimes they can be a little bossy, but their heart is in the right place! Capricorns don't often ask for help, even though they're so helpful themselves.

School captains, prefects and other leadership positions are often held by Capricorns. They are naturally responsible and organised. Under their serious exterior, Capricorns have a hilarious sense of humour - but only their closest friends see it!

Capricorn Friends
Having a tough time? Tell a Capricorn. They are often super sympathetic and will straight away try to work out how they can help, or what they can do. Some people feel like they can know a Capricorn for years and still find out new things about them every day!

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