Love kittens and cats? Check out these cute feline facts!
  1. Female cats are likely to be right-handed (or right-pawed!) and male cats left-handed.

    Two cats having a bath! Photo: Getty Images

  2. Cats are super smart and need toys and games so they don't get bored. Kitty crosswords, maybe?

    Playful kitten. Photo: Getty Images

  3. Cats meow at humans, but rarely (if at all) at each other.
  4. They sleep between 13-14 hours each day (we're sooo jealous) and are then awake all night.

    Sleeping cat! Photo: Getty Images

  5. Some cats can use (and flush) the toilet!
  6. Once your cat is two years old, it has grown as big as it will ever be.
  7. Ever wondered why cats get stuck in trees? Their claws are curved at such an angle that they can climb up, but not down! 

    Kitten in a paper bag! Photo: Getty Images

  8. Some cats snore!
  9. Human bites are far more likely to get infected than cat bites. Ew!
  10. In some countries, black cats are considered lucky! We think they're all adorbs.

    Black kitten. Photo: Getty Images