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Taylor Swift is Touring with Her Cat

Taylor Swift is Touring with Her Cat

Tay's gorgeous Scottish Fold cat Meredith is on tour with her!
Photography: Getty Images / Facebook
Like Miley Cyrus and Biebs, Taylor Swift is a HUGE animal lover! She adores her cat, Meredith, who is a Scottish Fold (see how her ears fold over at the tips?).
Recently, Tay decided to bring Meredith on tour with her! She shared these pics from the road:
Meredith on Taylor's Pillow
Meredith Watches the Olympics
Meredith Makes Herself at Home!


25/1/2016 12:19:53 AM
OMG those pics are amazingly cute that is so funny how you got her lying on the bed like a human totes funny did you get her staying in one place sitting in the car? its totes funny
6/1/2016 7:19:55 AM
So Adorable!!! Meredith is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28/2/2015 4:39:49 AM
so cute thats all
5/2/2015 1:25:32 PM
sssssssoooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
18/1/2015 8:14:50 AM
TaylorSwift's fan#1
so cute. and i am Taylor's biggest fan
18/7/2014 8:53:29 PM
23/5/2014 9:27:46 AM
Freya Flett
14/3/2014 10:44:08 PM
OMG! SO CUUUTE! Meredith is sooo lucky!
30/1/2014 9:53:14 PM
Aww! Taylors cat Meredith is so lucky and so cute!
17/12/2013 10:29:00 PM
OMG! Soooooooooo CUTEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meredith is soooo luckyyyyy!!!!!!
8/10/2013 7:23:00 AM
that is soooooooooooooooooooooo! cute!
29/9/2013 11:53:00 PM
25/9/2013 6:14:59 AM
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