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Taylor Parties With Fans

Taylor Parties With Fans

Find out what happened when Tay invited fans into her home!

Can you imagine partying with Taylor Swift? Well, over the weekend thirty fans got to hang out with Taylor in her Los Angeles home, and we’re totes jealous!

Taylor held a listening party for her new album 1989 and according to the lucky guests, it was awesome! The fans heard all the songs on Taylor’s own iPhone, and one fan said the best word to describe the whole album is ‘sassy’.

When Taylor walked into the room, she hugged each fan and cried with happiness to meet them – aww! Apparently she even danced around, baked cookies and posed for heaps of Polaroid pictures with everyone. She also let some people hold her trophies and Olivia, her super cute cat!

Taylor had been planning the party for months and really wanted to see what her fans thought of the album before it went on sale. She even explained how she wrote the songs and what inspired each one – so cool!

Tay-Tay is always so great to her fans, it’s why we love her so much! Her new album 1989 will be available October 27 and includes the hit pop song ‘Shake It Off'.

How amaze would it be to hang out with Taylor? What would you do if she came to your house for a day?

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