Secret deets on the world’s biggest star: Taylor Swift!

  1. Like you, she likes to sleep in her own bed. When touring, she’ll often fly home to one of her three homes in her very own private jet!

  2. The notorious moment when Kanye grabbed her mic at the MTV Music Video Awards features in her apartment – she’s framed a picture of the drama unfolding and has captioned it, 'Life is full of little interruptions.'

  3. The little girl getting bullied in the video clip for Mean is teen star Joey King, who voiced the china doll in Oz the Great and Powerful.

  4. Taylor Swift wore a necklace by Australian designer Samantha Wills in a photo shoot in American Vogue. 

  5. Her wrist candy is an antique watch her brother, Austin, bought for her from a second-hand store. 

  6. In high school, she hated having wavy hair but now she likes that it can be curly or straight. 

  7. If she could give her teen self advice it would be: “You have to love yourself.”

  8. Her Scottish Fold cat, Meredith, is named after a character on Tay’s fave TV show, Grey’s Anatomy

  9. She likes fries dipped in chocolate milkshake instead of tomato sauce. 

  10. Tay’s grandmother was a professional opera singer.