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to my friends Summer, Nancy and Jovie. Also to Ciara. You are awesome! THANK YOUUUU!!!! I wish I could show you how much I appreciate it - it means the world. THX 😁💜 - Isabelle Dear total girl I Absolutely Love all the magazines I can’t wait for the next one.My fave part are all the celebrities and the jokes Ella - Ella shoutout to tg - Bella This is to my justriaboga BFF from new fours leg love you so much my freyabala from you BFF - Agbesdarlanygraol i ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 total girl so much never stop entertaining🌺😘 - alisi bee you do you for you because everyone else is taken - asimina The best part of the magazine is totally embarrassing . - Arlia black lives matter and be yourself #reconciliationweek BTW listen to "Fly by BIRDZ" and 'bagi la m bargan' some indigenous australian songs - asimina Hi total girl you make me so happy reading you but I wold suggest that you should publish more AvaMax🦄 - Arya Hiiiiiii - Ella
March Mystery Guest Blusher

March Mystery Guest Blusher

Whose hilarious moment was in this month's TG?

Demi Lovato

It's Demi Lovato!
Demi says, "I was on stage and all of a sudden, I see a fan from the audience point at me and say 'your hair!' I look and my extension was all the way down past my back. I grabbed the stray hair and kept going!"
Have you had a totes embarrassing moment recently? Let us know!
You can read LOADS more embarrassing moments in the March Issue of TG!


I knew it was demi lovato because of the hair
28/3/2016 11:26:52 PM
the head look was soooo hard to choose and in my head I was like come on need harder ones anyway its demi and I'm right
21/3/2016 7:46:35 AM
Tay lor
Wow that's embarrassing .
6/3/2016 2:36:27 PM
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