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Learn footy skills with AFLW stars (in person)!

Learn footy skills with AFLW stars (in person)!

Catch a FREE training program these school holidays!

Did you know, as of 2022 - more young girls are staying in AFL longer? Wooo! 

We caught up with AFLW star Ally Anderson, who opened up about why she loves the sport, and how you can become a better footy player these school holidays! 


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Hi Ally! What do you love most about AFL? 

I love the competitiveness and just that it's a bunch of different sports mixed into one. I've always played so many different sports, so to have a sport that is really a combination of everything is really fitting for me. Also, making so many friends and I actually enjoy the amount of running we have to do!

What has been a favourite moment in your career so far?

Hands down the Premiership. In last year's 2021 AFWL Premiership, we won! I had lost nine (Premierships) before that and that was my 10th Grand Final and it was finally a win.

You're part AAMI's AFL Clanger Buster Clinics, which is to help young girls and boys improve their footy skills. What are 3 things TGs can do to improve their skills?

  • Practise, practise, practise. Even now, I still practise every day.
  • Get feedback from as many people as you possibly can, that  includes video feedback too.
  • Have fun with it. Don’t just do the same things over and over again, do different drills and skills and try it in a different way. Mix it up!



Get involved! 

TG's interested in joining one of AMMI's AFL Clanger Buster Clinics over the school holidays in NSW and Victoria, can find out more at (get Mum / Dad's permission first!). 

What is a Clanger? A clanger in AFL is an error made by a player resulting in a negative result for their side!

For boys and girls aged between 12-16. Each event will include personalised coaching from some of your favourite AFLW stars, including Sabrina Frederick, Chloe Dalton, and Ally Anderson along with pro coaches and support staff. Deets below!



Who: AFLW stars Sabrina Frederick (Collingwood) and Katie Brennan (Richmond)Where: Centenary Park, East Bentleigh When: Monday, July 4, 2022
4.00-5.30pm & 6.00-7.30pm  

New South Wales:  

Who: AFLW GWS Giants stars Alyce Parker and Alicia Eva   Where: Wagener Oval, Ashbury When: Tuesday, July 12, 2022  10.00-11.30am & 12.00-1.30pm  


Not in NSW or Vic? Don't worry, stay tuned for a video of Ally's top training tips coming soon!



Matilda H
I play footy, but i don't think i am as good as Ally!!!
24/7/2022 7:04:46 PM
Charlotte M
I love playing for the local girls footy team!
18/7/2022 10:32:10 AM
Gabriella R
OMG I love ALF!
9/7/2022 10:01:46 AM
TG Poll
My fave Grace VanderWaal song is
So Much More Than This
I Don't Know My Name