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Hi Tg I love you your awesome keep it up!❤️ - Arabella To all the Girls in the World: UR SO AWESOME! :) :) :) - Kaitlyn hi - cecily helloooo!!!! Shoutout to my fav kpop groups TXT, BTS, TWICE, DAY6 and BLACKPINK. (Stray kids are also really good) and also to iu, zico and NIve cuz they're really good singers/rappers. damn they're all amazing - i inspire to be like them ok byeeeeeeeeeee - Isabelle Hi total girl you make me so happy reading you but I wold suggest that you should publish more AvaMax🦄 - Arya i ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 total girl so much never stop entertaining🌺😘 - alisi The best part of the magazine is totally embarrassing . - Arlia Hi total girl your mags are the BEST! - Ashley to my friends Summer, Nancy and Jovie. Also to Ciara. You are awesome! THANK YOUUUU!!!! I wish I could show you how much I appreciate it - it means the world. THX 😁💜 - Isabelle bee you do you for you because everyone else is taken - asimina
February Mystery Guest Blusher

February Mystery Guest Blusher

Did you guess who it was?

Mystery Guest Blusher February Ariana

It's Ariana Grande!
Ariana says, "I ripped a giant hole in my pants on-set!"
Have you had a totes embarrassing moment recently? Let us know!
You can read LOADS more embarrassing moments in the February Issue of TG!


I did guess her??? I love her and Taylor Swift
27/3/2016 5:53:23 AM
omg its like me at the swimming carnival when my friend kaci said boys like bellybuttons I was sooo embaresed I cried when I swam i felt better who cares I came 2nd OMTG!!
21/3/2016 7:52:15 AM
OMTG! Poor Ariana! I feel so sorry for her, since I'm a huge fan of hers! :(
12/3/2016 6:21:00 AM
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