Thanks for your fabulous stories TGs!

This callout is now complete.

Look out for your story in upcoming issues of Total Girl magazine!

****UPDATE! Thanks for all your comments below, if you could please email us with your stories about your cool school we will try and feature some of your stories in the magazine! Email TG on

Hey TGs!

We wanna know, what has your school been up to and feature your school in Total Girl.
Do you have any special news to share about your school? Do you have a national championship-winning choir that could out-sing Glee? Is your debate team a great team? Has your school started up an incredible recycling program, or is it involved in a world-record attempt? Has your school canteen phased out junk food? If your school has a story, we want to know all about it.

Email us with the subject line of SCHOOL NEWS and the following info:
What is your school's name:
What state is your school in?
What news do you want to share about your school?
What is your name:
What year are you in?

XOXO team TG