Hey TGs!

We know you all get up to some pretty ah-mazing things, so spill! We wanna know about the time you had a seriously BIG adventure. What did you do? Did you go skydiving or parasailing? Did you pat a huge predator, swim with sharks or make a big discovery

There's, like, a million ways to have a cool adventure and lots of you have probs even done things we haven't even thought of!

Tell us all about what you did! Here's how: 

1. Email us your story: totalgirl@pacificmags.com.au and include a photo of you climbing Mount Everest, conquering a huge rollercoaster, riding a big wave or doing whatever the cool thing is. 

2. Or, leave a comment below and wait to see if we write back to ask for more details. 

The best, most adventurous adventures will get into the mag!!!

XOXO team TG