Lucy from The Peanuts Movie has found the best way to earn some pocket money…by giving everyone advice for the low price of 5 cents!


It’s not always exactly the most helpful advice… but at least it’s entertaining!


The TG team decided to go to Lucy to ask for her advice to their burning questions. Check it out:


Claire (Deputy Editor): How can I get better at football?

Lucy: Yours is a problem of self-esteem… you need to feel good about yourself. 5 cents, please!


Jess (Entertainment Writer): How can I pay more attention in class?

Lucy: Maturity is what you should strive for. 5 cents, please!


Kristy (Fashion Editor): How can I pick between pizza toppings? I find it so hard!

Lucy: If you’re going to face the future, you’ve got to do it with your chest out. 5 cents, please!


Erin (Digital Content Producer): How can I get famous like Taylor Swift?

Lucy: Okay... you’re doing the right thing. 5 cents, please!


Want advice for your own questions? Check out!