UPDATE: Hi Disha! Sorry to hear the app is not working for you. Try uninstalling and reinstalling it (you might need to ask your parents for help). This should fix most things!

UPDATE: Total Girl's brand new app: Popstar Party is OUT NOW! Download it for FREE*, and sing like your fave stars!

Hey TGs!

Guess what? Your fave mag is now an app too: Total Girl's Star in a Story!

In the app, you're the star! It works on your iPad, iPhone and iPod, and the best part? It's completely free!

There's no in-app purchases and it's totally safe. 

To download it:
  1. Get your folks' permission.
  2. On your iPad, iPhone or iPod, search in the App Store (iPhone Apps) for 'Total Girl'.
  3. Select 'Total Girl'
  5. Yay!
Hope you like it as much as we do!

*Initial app download is free and includes 3 free songs.  Additional songs available for download at $1.29 each; 5 song pack for $4.99 and 10 song pack for $10.99.