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UPDATE: Having trouble with Netpage? Try these tricks!

  1. It only works from the October 2013 issue onwards. Our fab October issue (with One Direction on the cover!) is the first Total Girl magazine to use Netpage. If you try to scan an old copy of TG, it won't work. All future issues with have Netpage though!

  2. You can only scan pages with the Netpage icon. We've picked the most exciting TG pages that have a cool online link, and these have the blue Netpage dot. 

  3. Double check your Netpage is set to Australia/NZ. Ask your 'rents for a hand to confirm your Netpage app is set to Australia/New Zealand, because, well, that's where TG is from!
OMTG - have you got the new issue of Total Girl? Our ah-maze Editor Amanda has a HUGE announcement: Netpage!

This app will bring Total Girl to life, and the best part? It's free! Simply follow the instructions below to download from the App Store or Google play, then watch cute videos, get extra content and link straight to more of your fave stories with a click!

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