January 13, 2014
OMTG happy birthday Zayn!

One Direction's Zayn Malik has turned 21! Apparently the star had a party at his house to celebrate the milestone.

In honour of Zayn's birthday, here's 21 Zayn facts for each of his 21 years!

Comment with your birthday wish for Zayn, or a Zayn Malik fact you'd like to add to the list!

  1. He was born January 12, 1993.
  2. His middle name is Jawaad.
  3. He's engaged to Little Mix star, Perrie Edwards!

    Zayn Malik and his fiance Perrie Edwards. Photo: Facebook

  4. Together they have a kitten named Prada and a puppy named Hatchi.

    Zayn, Perrie and their kitten Prada. Photo: Facebook

  5. They took Hatchi for a doggy haircut about 10 days ago.

    Zayn Malik's dog Hatchi has a haircut! Photo: Facebook

  6. After One Direction became successful, Zayn bought his mum a house.
  7. Zayn has three sisters. Apparently he spoils the youngest!
  8. Zayn almost didn't go to on X Factor - on the morning of his audition he nearly changed his mind!
  9. Zayn secretly hates dancing.
  10. The Malik's are from Bradford, in Yorkshire, England.
  11. Before X Factor, Zayn's name was spelt 'Zain'.
  12. Zayn's Dad has Pakistani heritage, and his Mum is from England.
  13. He was 17 when he auditioned for X Factor - he's been famous now for four years!
  14. Zayn was actually eliminated from the X Factor - but the judges 'saved' him by creating the group One Direction and including him.
  15. Zayn is often thought of as the serious one in the group, but just because he's quiet, doesn't mean he doesn't love joking around as much as the other guys!
  16. In fact, Zayn dressed as a female secretary in the video clip for Best Song Ever.
  17. Zayn created his catchphrase, 'Vas happening?' Vas happening TGs? ;-)
  18. He has pretended he can play the guitar with Niall, but actually Zayn plays the piano.
  19. Part of Perrie's 21st birthday present to Zayn was a trip to Disneyland!

    Zayn and Perrie's trip to Disneyland! Photo: Facebook

  20. Zayn's hair has changed loads during his time in the limelight. For a while, Perrie's Mum even dyed the front blonde!
  21. Zayn's sister Walihya co-starred with him in the video clip for The Story Of My Life!