Zendaya is our amazing cover star for the November issue of TG! Did you know all of these facts about her?


  1. She loves drawing and writing poetry.

  2. She once left the stage mid-way through an interview to go hug a member of the audience!

  3. One of her most embarrassing moments is peeing her pants on a roller coaster when she was 8 – whoops!

  4. One of her favourite places in the world is Jamaica.

  5. Even though Zendaya is a vegetarian, she doesn’t like vegetables very much – that must make it tricky!

  6. She was once a backup dancer for Selena Gomez in a commercial.

  7. She’s super sporty! During school, she used to play basketball and run in the athletics team - then she became passionate about acting.


You can find out more awesome Zendaya facts in the current issue of TG!