OMTG we loved The Croods sooo much that we had to phone Emma Stone who voiced Eep in the flick, here's what she had to say...

Eep looks very similar to you, was she based on your facial characteristics?
They were animating as we went along with the voice recording and I know that Eep’s facial expression changed over time. My part in it took two and a half years. They had a little camera in the room whenever I was recording so they would capture my facial expression and later use them in animation every once in a while. That was pretty funny to see in the end.

So you really do recognize yourself in her?
Oh yeah, I absolutely recognised certain facial expressions, which was really comforting. I am pretty expressive, a real rubber face. And it was nice that the character benefited from the insanity that happens on my face without my knowing it.

And she’s a redhead, like you  are

I didn’t know she was going to be a redhead. When they originally drew her, she had brown hair and brown eyes. So they changed that later on. I guess people really like the red. That’s good to know.

Can we expect any funny outtakes as special features on DVD/Blu-ray?
I certainly hope so. I think they did some blooper-reels of me looking generally ridiculous. I am pretty sure there will be outtakes as well. I ate a lot of apples, so I am sure that’s going to be on there.

Check out Emma as Eep in The Croods! It's out on DVD and Blu-Ray now!