We reckon Clarence is totes awesome, and he’s always making us LOL. TG were so excited to hang out with him and hear all about his fun adventures…


TG: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Clarence: Funtastic! Wait...I mean...Fan-funstick!

TG: What grade are you in at school?

Clarence: I think 4th grade. Wait, maybe 5th. I forget.

TG: Is it fun, or do you get bored in class?

Clarence: School is so much fun! My favorite teacher is Ms. Baker and my favorite class is called recess when we play on the playground.

TG: What do you like getting up to after school and on weekends?

Clarence: I like to go out and play with my friends, my one friend is named Jeff and I have a friend named Sumo, and I like to feed my chickens and also I like to go to the park.

TG: Are Jeff and Sumo your best friends?

Clarence: Yep!

TG: What is it you like about them?

Clarence: I like how Sumo can fix anything like a secret agent and he knows about all the big kid stuff...and Jeff is my friend because he knows about all kinds of cool things and he likes to play fun games.

TG: What’s the most AMAZING thing you’ve ever done?

Clarence: One time I drank a whole carton of milk but then my Mom got mad but she wasn't that mad.

TG: Do you have a fave animal?

Clarence: I really like monkeys because they're so cute and funny and they can jump really far - but also I like dragons and chickens too! There's too many!

TG: What about a fave colour?

Clarence: Brown and greenish brown and purple.

TG: What do you think makes a good friend?

Clarence: You gotta stand up for your friends, don't be too annoying, keep ‘em good company, and also don't steal their fries too much.

You can catch Clarence weekdays at 5:30 on Cartoon Network!