Alice-Miranda has a super long name, an uber-brave personality and a knack for finding adventure wherever she is. Lately? It's been in Japan!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself Alice-Miranda!

My full name is Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones. I’m an only child and I live at Highton Hall when I’m not at boarding school. I started at boarding school when I was seven and a quarter because I really liked the idea of it and I thought it would help Mummy and Daddy, who are both very busy with their work. I also thought it would be a great adventure and that’s proven to be true. I love school and I have lots of wonderful friends.

Alice-Miranda  in Japan! By Jacqueline HarveyDo you have any pets?

I have a pony called Bonaparte. He’s adorable but he loves cabbages and they give him very bad wind and a sore tummy. He can be a little bit naughty at times but he’s got a wonderful personality.

What are your favourite subjects?

I really enjoy my English lessons with Miss Reedy. I've always loved reading and I like to write stories too. Science with Mr Plumpton is fun, although sometimes his experiments don’t go quite according to plan. We had a drama production with the boys from the Fayle School and I got to play Snow White. Being in the Winchester-Fayle Singers is always interesting, especially with Mr Lipp in charge. He wears the brightest suits and has a real eye for fashion.

Tell us about some of your friends!

Millie is my best friend and roommate at school. She’s older than me by three years but we’re the same size. Millie is very funny. We go riding together and she has a pony called Chops. Jacinta is another good friend. When I first met her she was known as the school’s second best tantrum thrower but she’s changed a lot since then. Sloane is my friend too.

What do you think is your best quality?

Mmm, that’s a hard one. I think it’s important to have friends of all ages. It doesn’t matter how old people are – they can be younger, the same age or a lot older like Miss Hephzibah who lives at Caledonia Manor and Jacinta says is positively ancient – you can be friends with everyone. I like to think the best of people even when sometimes their behaviour is not at its best. It’s important to find out if there’s a reason why they’re upset and acting that way. Everyone deserves a second chance.

How many adventures are you going to have?

At the moment my best grown up friend, Jacqueline Harvey is planning to write at least 12 books but I think there could be more than that.

Tell us about your new adventure, Alice-Miranda In Japan.

Millie, Jacinta and I got to travel to Japan because Mrs Oliver (she’s our cook and she’s a very clever food technology scientist too) was invited to speak at a conference. Mummy and Daddy thought it was a perfect opportunity to combine some business with pleasure. Mummy and Aunt Charlotte were investigating some new suppliers for Highton’s Department Stores while Daddy took the girls and me exploring the city. Daddy bought each of us girls a beautiful gift as a memento of the trip, but mine was a little bit different. We had no idea that my new necklace would set off a chain of events that would uncover an evil plot within the Imperial family.

Who reads your stories?

I have loads of friends who write to tell me they enjoy the stories. Girls and boys and lots of parents and grandparents. I love when parents and grandparents tell me they've enjoyed the books as much as their children and grandchildren.