Austin & Ally’s Laura Marano shares some special memories with her mum for Mother’s Day

Total Girl: What is the best advice your mum has given you?   

Laura Marano: My mum is the epitome of strength, she’s taught me and my sister to stand up for each other and ourselves.


TG: What do you guys do to spend special time together?        

LM: We’re around each other 24/7 so we would usually work in the same room, I’ll be doing homework while she’ll be doing paper work. We’ll have music playing and that’s kind of our bonding time.


Did your mum teach you to drive?

My mother would literally have a heart attack every time I would drive with her. She was scared out of her mind but it was great of her to allow me that.


What do you admire most about your mum?  

I think the fact that she is so caring and she is so passionate about what she does, whether its her family or her work she does everything with a vitality that is mesmerising.


Describe a moment where you were having a tough time and she was there for you?

All the time, she’s always there for me. Whenever I’m sick she is so caring, she makes me breakfast in bed or cooks me delicious food. She’s just a wonderful mother.


When you and your sister Vanessa were younger what kind of silly fights would you have with Mum?

Always the clean the room fights or giving stuff away. My whole family likes to hang on to things and my mum is always telling us to give it away.


What do you for Mother's Day? 

We normally go to a restaurant. We try to get her not to do anything at all but she always ends up doing something around the house.


Do you remember giving her any funny little gifts as a kid?          

Yes! You know when you’re in primary school you make cards and things out of macaroni, but I’m not an arts and crafts girl, so my stuff would look awful while Vanessa’s were amazing! I’m sure they’re still packed away somewhere!


What is a special message you want to share with your mum on Mother’s Day?

I love you so much and I admire you so much more than you will ever know.