Austin & Ally star Laura Marano answers questions asked by you!

Michelle wants to know if you’re auditioning for any new roles and if you have any new projects coming up.
I’m definitely always auditioning so that’s always occurring. I played a little voiceover part in Phineas and Ferb that’s going to be coming out sometime in the future. And I’m going currently to school, which is awesome.

Brea wants to know if you have any hidden talents?
I can tap dance, yeah I did tap dancing from kindergarten to year eight. And I’m double-jointed.

Aaron wants to know if you have any pet peeves?
I just don’t like when people don’t respect other people. It just makes me feel a little bit frustrated cause I think we should all just respect each other.

Tina asks which of the Harry Potter movies is your favourite?
Oh this is such a hard one. My favourite book is the seventh one. My favourite movie was the fourth is awesome. It’s the best.

Laura wants to know what your favourite number is?   
I’ve always loved the number 22 because I randomly got it on my jersey in fourth grade when I played on the soccer team. And so ever since that, I’ve liked it.

We’ve got a fan who wants to know who your biggest inspiration has been?
I absolutely love Natalie Portman. Like I think she is super inspiring and just a really not only just an awesome actress but just an awesome person. And I’m definitely inspired by my mother and sister. They’re both like independent, strong women.

What was your favourite memory when you were in Australia with Ross Lynch?
Definitely loved meeting everyone and being on Saturday Disney. I loved meeting my fans too. It was super fun. Like everyone in that in the room was just the sweetest person ever. We also speed boat tour, which was so fun. I mean, when like on the Sydney Harbour and just like we didn’t know anyone could go on a tour but we just rode around the sea boat, which was awesome.

Olivia wants to know what other instruments can you play besides the piano?
That’s about it, piano and my voice. I tried electric triangle when I was little. I feel like I could take that up again but it’s a little bit hard to play a triangle. You know you have to hit it on the right time…

We’ve got someone who want’s to know what your first day was like on Austin & Ally?
Honestly, it was amazing. It hard sometimes on your first day because you’re meeting everybody it can be really awkward. But on our first day, we all just talked. We just got along; we made each other laugh. We were doing the hard work. It was pretty incredible.

We’ve got a question from Katie, how do you keep up with your school work and your career?

I have a set teacher on set so I do, you know like school hours on set when I’m not working. I mean it’s a bit difficult, but I’m so lucky because everyone in my life is just so supportive about it, like my teachers and friends at school and you know the people on Disney, the people on Austin & Ally, my family. It’s a lot of work but you know when you get a lot of support from everywhere it makes the crazy work a little easier to do because you are being supported from other ways.

Do you have a last message for your Australian fans?
Just please tell them they are so awesome, and I really want to come to back to Australia again.