Hey TGs!

Have you read Claire's chat with Bella Thorne in the latest issue of Total Girl? She's a November cover girl and we had a sesh with her that was totally spesh! So spesh, in fact, that all the Q&As we had with her couldn't fit into the mag!

So here's some bonus material ... kind of like the bonus features on your DVD! 

TG: What is your greatest fear?
Bella: Heights. I'm afraid of heights. 

TG: What is your greatest achievement?
Bella: Traveling to Africa and visiting the Sparrow Village and learning to read proficiently. 

TG: What is your most treasured possession?
Bella: My shoe collection. 

TG: What’s the secret to becoming a star?
Bella: I think anyone can be a 'star' at anything they do by believing in themselves and never giving up. 

TG: What’s your ultimate beauty secret?
Bella: Lots of rest and water. 

TG: Do you do anything special when you’re getting into character?
Bella: I read the back story of the character and once I'm in that character, I try not to break it. 

TG: Do you do anything special for good luck when you’re going into an audition?
Bella: I run my sides with my mum and take a few minutes to de-stress. I'm not sure it's considered luck but it works for me. 

TG: What do you want to do in the future? Do you have a specific dream of working in a certain kind of movie, with a specific co-star or director?
Bella: I am hoping to do a musical in the future, that would be a dream.